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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planning for

The Comic and The Divine

     This weekend holds an enormous glut of music activities ranging from the hilarious to the transcendent. Perhaps those two charachteristic exist within the same piece! 

    On Friday at noon,  my school offers a Jokes Concert at our new building. you can read all about it below. It's been delightful to get to work with five very different pianists in my community. We're playing music that runs the gambit of human experience. The most sure thing about the program is that it will bring laughter to all who attend, musicians and listeners alike. 

     On Saturday, after the experiencing the joy of lots of elementary and middle school students playing in state-wide orchestras, I'll head to Mountain Top Music's 24 hours of Music event to kick off the Composers' Carnival. That event brings together composers and players for a lightening-fast creative experience. Composers find out who they are writing for at 6 PM on Saturday. They hand in their scores and parts at 6:00 AM Sunday morning. Rehearsals begin at 9:30 and the pieces are premiered at noon on Sunday.

    But even that is not all, the weekend concludes with a Music as Meditation event at 5:00 PM on Sunday, April 3, at Christ Church in North Conway. This time, Natalia Shevchuk, Nancy Farris and I are offering our music. Though the spirit of the weekend may change the program on Sunday, Natalia is planning to play Prokofiev and Schubert. Nancy and I will play a Poulenc Sonata for four-hands. I will improvise on some of the themes that come up from the Composers' Conference. I hope to share some laughter and some joy with you!


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