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I am an active composer, music teacher, farmer, and organizer of music events. I share a monthly Music as Meditation concert with listeners and fellow musicians and I organize several concerts of new music each year. I use this blog to tell people about my musical endeavors. You can find pages about The Davis Hill Farm and The Davis Hill Studio on this blog. Look for the orange link on the right-hand side of the page.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This posting is for my orchestra friends. You can now download audio files for the piece "Vignettes From the Life of John Brown" that you are helping me premiere on October 28th. There are two types of files: midi and .wav. Both types play the tunes. The midi files do not use correct instruments. The .wav files are more accurate (but still a bit computery). The midi files are much smaller than the .wav files, so pick whichever makes sense on your machine.

Let me know if this process works for you!

Here's the link the the folder where the files are.
Click here for audio files of Vignettes from the Life of John Brown

Happy practicing.

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