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I am an active composer and organizer of music events. I share a monthly Music as Meditation concert with listeners and fellow musicians and I organize several concerts of new music each year. I use this blog to tell people about my musical endeavors.

Upcoming Performances

Upcoming Performances

Sunday, August 6, 2017 5:00 PM    North Conway, New Hampshire
Music as Meditation takes the form of a New Music festival: Summer Strings.  A chamber string orchestra will play music by three living composers: Larry Wallach, Ken Turley, and Ellen Schwindt. Violinist Bozena O'Brien joins Ellen to premiere Music for a Resonant Space for violin, piano and strings.

Saturday, September 9, 2017 7:00 PM    First Presbyterian Church, Winfield, Kansas
Music for a Resonant Space, a project featuring the Winfield High School Chamber orchestra, conducted by Roberta Banks, and soloists Lillian Greene and Ann Samuelson will take place during the week leading up to Saturday, September 9th. During that week, Ellen will travel to Winfield and hold rehearsals with the high school students in preparation for a concert. The Winfield High School Orchestra is the oldest public-school orchestra in the nation and is anticipating the celebration of its 130th year. The concert program includes a double concerto for violin, piano, and strings, a suite of Hymns and Dances for viola and strings, and Pastorale and Allegro for string orchestra. 

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